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    Grassroot Soccer

    A group of students from Asella race each other in small groups to avoid obstacles that represent risky behavior. Grassroot Soccer is a new program to Ethiopia that uses the world's most popular sport as an HIV/AIDS conversation starter. read more ⟩

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    Volunteer Highlights

    People far and wide are starting to recognize and appreciate the noteworthy projects Peace Corps Volunteers from Ethiopia are accomplishing. From permagardening to self reflections, read about the actual work PCVs do at their sites. Check back monthly for the latest news and click here for old... read more ⟩

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    Via the official Peace Corps website, you are able to donate directly to Peace Corps Ethiopia's country fund. This money is reserved for a variety of Volunteer projects. Your support goes a long way in helping PCVs help their communities. Click here to donate to the Peace Corps Ethiopia country... read more ⟩

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    Cross-Sectoral Initiatives

    Some initiatives and projects are just too big for one sector! Ag-Environment, Education, and Health Volunteers come together on a number of issues to try to hit the problem from all angles. Food-security, malaria, people living with disabilities, HIV/AIDS, and gender and development are all... read more ⟩

  • Cross_culture_committee_group_photo_-_october_2014

    Cross Culture Committee (CCC)

    Mission Statement: To promote positive cross-cultural exchange, mutual understanding, and integration within Peace Corps and Ethiopia. About: Peace Corps Volunteers spend two full years immersed in another culture, learning about the culture of Ethiopia and sharing American culture... read more ⟩

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    Stomping Out Malaria

    In the year 2005, World Health Organization estimates malaria infected between 350 and 500 million people and killed over 1 million, 90% of whom lived in sub-Saharan Africa. Most of those were children. Since 2005, a massive international malaria control effort has begun to make significant... read more ⟩