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    Grassroot Soccer

    A group of students from Asella race each other in small groups to avoid obstacles that represent risky behavior. Grassroot Soccer is a new program to Ethiopia that uses the world's most popular sport as an HIV/AIDS conversation starter. read more ⟩

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    Via the official Peace Corps website, you are able to donate directly to Peace Corps Ethiopia's country fund. This money is reserved for a variety of Volunteer projects. Your support goes a long way in helping PCVs help their communities. Click here to donate to the Peace Corps Ethiopia country... read more ⟩

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    Volunteer Highlights

    Follow our official Facebook page for success stories and highlights from Volunteers, staff, and partners.https://www.facebook.com/peacecorpsethiopia  read more ⟩

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    Cross-Sectoral Initiatives

    Some initiatives and projects are just too big for one sector! Ag-Environment, Education, and Health Volunteers come together on a number of issues to try to hit the problem from all angles. Food-security, malaria, people living with disabilities, HIV/AIDS, and gender and development are all... read more ⟩

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    Stomping Out Malaria

    In the year 2005, World Health Organization estimates malaria infected between 350 and 500 million people and killed over 1 million, 90% of whom lived in sub-Saharan Africa. Most of those were children. Since 2005, a massive international malaria control effort has begun to make significant... read more ⟩

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    Cross Culture Committee (CCC)

    Mission Statement: To promote positive cross-cultural exchange, mutual understanding, and integration within Peace Corps and Ethiopia. About: Peace Corps Volunteers spend two full years immersed in another culture, learning about the culture of Ethiopia and sharing American culture... read more ⟩